Plain sailing installation, commissioning and operating

User friendliness has many aspects when it comes to the OPTIMASS 6400: whether installation, commissioning, operation or communication – everything was designed to make things easy for the user in the truest sense of the word.

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The installation for example. Whether it’s horizontal, vertical or diagonal, the OPTIMASS 6400 can be integrated into virtually any system, regardless of the type of installation or external influences such as pipeline vibrations. Since there are no inlet and outlet runs, the compact design and minimal weight of the sensor are a huge plus during installation. Should pipe supports prove necessary in some cases, they can be attached on the pipeline wherever desired.


Or commissioning for instance. Once the OPTIMASS 6400 has been installed, the electronics automatically run a self-test. This covers 90 % of the parameters. Once installed, the OPTIMASS 6400 is ready for service immediately.


Operation is simple and convenient thanks to a user-friendly interface with 4 integrated optical/push buttons. This design is extremely practical. For example, the glass cover protecting the display from dirt and dust does not have to be removed during operation and configuration. The display and user interface are available in multiple languages, and the rotating, high contrast display always makes for optimal legibility.

The OPTIMASS 6400 uses the tried and tested HART®, FOUNDATION fieldbus™, Modbus and PROFIBUS® interfaces for communication. And configuration uses PACTware™ including the necessary DTM free of charge.