KROHNE – The measure of success

KROHNE is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of process instrumentation and measurement solutions and serves a wide range of industries across the globe.

Since we were founded in 1921, we have steadily grown into a global enterprise. Today, KROHNE employs more than 3,900 people and has a turnover of over 559.7 million euros. The company has 15 production facilities and owns 44 companies and joint ventures.

Our products and services cover the entire range of measurement and analysis processes, from individual measuring points to complete plant solutions. Our extensive customer care and consulting services add valuable elements to our product portfolio. Many of our products which are considered today's industrial standards were developed in cooperation with our customers. Today, users around the world benefit from KROHNE innovation.

Discover some of KROHNE's innovations

1921 Ludwig KROHNE starts manufacturing variable area flowmeters in Duisburg, Germany, to measure the flow of air, gases and liquids.
1952 The first electromagnetic flowmeter for industrial
measurement is launched.
1955 Production of mechanical level meters for measuring
liquids in tanks and containers begins.
1966 Construction of the world's largest calibration
rig in Sliedrecht/Netherlands
1974 INOR, KROHNE subsidiary from Sweden, presents
world's first headmounted transmitter.
1989 KROHNE introduces the first FMCW radar level meter for process tanks, pioneering the use of radar level measurement technology in process applications.
1994 First straight tube Coriolis mass flowmeter.
1995 KROHNE launches the first TDR guided radar meter. It is able to reliably determine the level of liquids and solids as well as liquid interface.
1996 First ultrasonic meter for custody transfer of liquids in the world.
2004 The next quantum leap in level measurement comes with the OPTIWAVE and OPTIFLEX series, a new generation of non-contact and guided radar devices with a unique wizarddriven operating concept.
2006 The first vortex flowmeter with integrated
pressure and temperature compensation.
2008 Launch of complete portfolio with digital analytical sensors for wastewater treatment plants featuring integrated sensor spray cleaning with air or water.
2009 Introduction of the innovative Drop antenna for OPTIWAVE level meter that makes purging systems obsolete. Its ellipsoidal shape is ideal for corrosive liquids or dust-laden atmospheres where product build-up is likely to occur.
2010 KROHNE is the first manufacturer to offer a standardised operating and service concept for both flowmeters and analysis instruments. Introduction of the WATERFLUX - EMF with rectangular cross-section allows installation without straight inlets and outlets.
2011 First inline spectroscopic analysis system with up to four measuring principles.
2013 The first family of analytical sensors with integrated transmitter technology is launched.