The new standard high-performance
Coriolis mass flowmeter for the process industry

  • With Entrained Gas Management (EGM) – the New standard for entrained gas immunity
  • Cryogenic & high temperature applications from -200 to +400 °C / -328 to 752 °F
  • Highest accuracy for mass flow and density (pressure independent)
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The new standard high-performance flowmeter
for the process industry

Ever since we were established in 1921, the name KROHNE has stood for innovation and reliability. More than 100 engineers use their vast knowledge and expertise to develop new products and solutions. No surprise then that our ground breaking innovations have led us to be at the cutting edge of measurement technology.

Now once again KROHNE sets the standard with the OPTIMASS 6400, the new standard, high-performance Coriolis mass flowmeter for liquids and gases to handle high temperature, high pressure and cryogenic applications.

Its superior performance makes the OPTIMASS 6400 the NEW standard meter for the process industry. With OPTIMASS 6400 KROHNE further strengthens its OPTIMASS product line and allows our customers to choose the right solution for virtually all process applications.

Learn more about the Coriolis measuring principle
KROHNE Academy online gives you direct access to the knowledge and vast experience of KROHNE. The platform offers free of charge and commercial-free online courses about measurement principles (incl. the Coriolis measuring principle), sizing, advantages and limits of operation, applications and industries.

Visit KROHNE Academy online and register for free!
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Innovative construction for better results

KROHNE has 3 decades of experience in bent self-draining tube designs. Furthermore the OPTIMASS 6400 uses proven, patented flow splitter technology that provides minimum pressure loss. The OPTIMASS 6400 is available in DN 08 to 100 (DN 150 to 250 pending) and in 3 different materials: 316L stainless steel, Hastelloy® C-22 and Duplex UNS31803.

Due to its superior design and latest, most advanced modern components, the OPTIMASS 6400 provides accurate measurements even in cryogenic and high temperature applications ranging from -200 to +400 °C / -328 to 752 °F and has high pressure capability up to 200 bar / 2900 psig.

So, whatever your requirements, you can be rest assured that your OPTIMASS 6400 meter has been made to the highest standards and that no compromises have been made on quality.

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Superior performance
for simple task completion

The new MFC 400 mass flow signal converter is an electronics unit which is perfectly suited to all measuring tasks at the highest level of technology. The MFC 400 offers high performance with air entrainment, excellent zero stability and advanced density measurement. It is approved according to ATEX, IECEx, GOST and cFMus and has achieved other local approvals as well. It comes with a remote converter that reaches up to 20 m / 65.6 ft.

Learn more about further features:

EGM (Entrained Gas Management)
The OPTIMASS 6400 synthetic drive control ensures continuous measurement even with high entrained gas conditions. The drive system can be optimised to the application to correct for less than ideal operating conditions.
On-site replacement
In the unlikely event that a fault occurs with the electronic system, the complete electronics cartridge can be conveniently replaced on-site. And thanks to redundant storage, the data is simply transferred from the housing backplane memory to the new signal converter. This way the process is only interrupted for a short period of time.
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  • MFC 400 C

    MFC 400 C

    Compact installation on the sensor

  • MFC 400 F

    MFC 400 F

    Separate installation up to a max. of 20 m / 65.6 ft from the sensor

  • MFC 400 W

    MFC 400 W

    Wall mounting for
    non-hazardous areas

Seven measuring functions in one device –
And all of them perfectly under control

Up to seven measuring functions in a single device? The OPTIMASS 6400 makes it possible: mass flow rate, mass counter, density, temperature, volume flow rate, volume counter and concentration of fluids and gases. This “7 in 1” solution means low investment costs and minimal maintenance costs.

And so as not to lose the big picture amongst so many functions, the OPTIMASS 6400 is factory-fitted with an extensive diagnostics package: not only does the software monitor the flowmeter itself but also the process and the process conditions.

Learn more about the diagnostics package
Within the system, the software records the temperature of the medium, the density, concentration, speed and state of the respective medium. In this way, gas as well as solid inclusions can be identified.

When it comes to the process conditions the OPTIMASS 6400 diagnostic software does not miss a thing, every fraction of a second it sees changes; including temperature, an installation error, or changes in driver amplitude.
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Smooth sailing:
installation, commissioning and operating

User friendliness has many aspects when it comes to the OPTIMASS 6400: whether installation, commissioning, operation or communication – the newest member of the OPTIMASS family makes things easy for the user in the truest sense of the word.

Learn more about:

The installation for example. Whether it’s horizontal, vertical or diagonal, the OPTIMASS 6400 can be integrated into virtually any system, regardless of the type of installation or external influences such as pipeline vibrations. Since there are no inlet and outlet runs, the compact design and minimal weight of the sensor are a huge plus during installation. Should pipe supports prove necessary in some cases, they can be attached on the pipeline wherever desired.
Or commissioning for instance. Once the
OPTIMASS 6400 has been installed, the electronics automatically run a self-test. This covers 90 % of the parameters. Once installed, the OPTIMASS 6400 is ready for service immediately.
Operation is simple and convenient thanks to a user-friendly interface with 4 integrated optical/push buttons. This design is extremely practical. For example, the glass cover protecting the display from dirt and dust does not have to be removed during operation and configuration. The display and user interface are available in multiple languages, and the rotating, high contrast display always makes for optimal legibility.

The OPTIMASS 6400 uses the tried and tested HART®, FOUNDATION fieldbus™ and PROFIBUS® interfaces for communication. And configuration uses PACTware™, including the necessary DTM free of charge.

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Intelligent modularity to suit needs
and fulfil requirements

When it comes to selecting a flowmeter for your application, the OPTIMASS range covers all bases of all relevant industries around the globe. KROHNE offers superior straight and bent tube design mass flowmeters. From small to large. For 0.00015 to 2300 t/h flows. For custody transfer applications or problematic applications such as highly viscous media, non-homogeneous mixtures, media with solid content or gas inclusions.

All meters have been designed to reduce constraints on the user. So you can just choose the best meter for your application.

Explore the OPTIMASS product family
OPTIMASS Product Family
OPTIMASS Product Family (English)

Enjoy a comprehensive video containing an overview of the different Coriolis mass flowmeter products, their measuring principle and a look into the company behind.

Watch video
OPTIMASS Product Family
OPTIMASS Product Family

Explore the OPTIMASS product family. Get a detailed 3D view of all instruments, check their technical data and see real life applications.

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  • OPTIMASS 1300

    OPTIMASS 1300

    Twin straight tube design. For general purpose applications in the process industry.

  • OPTIMASS 2300

    OPTIMASS 2300

    Twin straight tube design. The first choice for bulk flows and for custody transfer. Available in Duplex and Super Duplex

  • OPTIMASS 3300

    OPTIMASS 3300

    Single bent tube design. The solution for extremely low flow rates.

  • OPTIMASS 6400

    OPTIMASS 6400

    The standard meter with high end options for the process industry.

  • OPTIMASS 7300

    OPTIMASS 7300

    Single straight tube design. High performace meter for abrasive, corrosive or viscous fluids. Also ideal for hygienic applications.



    Twin bent tube design. OEM meter for rotary and linear batch filling machines.

  • OPTIGAS 4010

    OPTIGAS 4010

    Twin bent tube design. OEM meter for CNG dispensers. CT approved to OIML R139.

Basic data at a glance
Technical data
Nominal meter size 1 bar pd nominal
flowrange [kg/h]
Proposed flange size
08 600 10, 15 1/2"
10 1200 10, 15 1/2"
15 3800 15, 20, 25 1/2", 3/4", 1"
25 19000 25, 40 1", 1.5"
50 35000 40, 50 1.5", 2"
80 78000 50, 80 2", 3"
100 175000 80, 100 3", 4"
150 (pending) 320000 100, 150 4", 6"
200 (pending) 550000 150, 200 6", 8"
250 (pending) 1000000 250, 300 10", 12"
Accuracy 0.1 % flat-line accuracy for 20:1 turndown from nominal flow
0.05% flat-line accuracy for 10:1 turndown from nominal flow
Below 1/20th of nominal flow rate: +/- zero stability
Maximum flow rate Up to 150% of nominal flow
Approvals Ex, cFMus, Ex NEPSI, OIML, IEC Ex
Operating conditions
Material Stainless steel Hastelloy® C-22 Duplex
Pressure rating
Measuring tube 100 barg (1450 psig) 200 bar (2900 psig) 200 bar (2900 psig)
Process temperature Cryogenic Std High temp
T Max +40°C/+104°F +230°C/+446°F +400°C/+752°F +230°C/+466°F +230°C/+466°F
T Min -200°C/-328°F -70°C/-94°F -50°C/-58°F -70°C/-94°F -50°C/-58°F
KROHNE - The measure of success

KROHNE is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of process instrumentation and measurement solutions and serves a wide range of industries across the globe.

Since we were founded in 1921, we have steadily grown into a global enterprise. Today, KROHNE employs more than 2,700 people and has a turnover of over 400 million euros. The company has 15 production facilities and owns 43 companies and joint ventures.

Our products and services cover the entire range of measurement and analysis processes, from individual measuring points to complete plant solutions. Our extensive customer care and consulting services add valuable elements to our product portfolio. Many of our products which are considered today’s industrial standards were developed in cooperation with our customers. Today, users around the world benefit from KROHNE innovation.

Learn more about KROHNE innovations
1921 Ludwig KROHNE starts manufacturing variable area flowmeters in Duisburg, Germany, to measure the flow of air, gases and liquids.
1952 The first electromagnetic flowmeter for industrial
measurement is launched.
1955 Production of mechanical level meters for measuring
liquids in tanks and containers begins.
1966 Construction of the world's largest calibration
rig in Sliedrecht/Netherlands
1974 INOR, KROHNE subsidiary from Sweden, presents
world’s first headmounted transmitter.
1989 KROHNE introduces the first FMCW radar level meter for process tanks, pioneering the use of radar level measurement technology in process applications.
1994 First straight tube Coriolis mass flowmeter.
1995 KROHNE launches the first TDR guided radar meter. It is able to reliably determine the level of liquids and solids as well as liquid interface.
1996 First ultrasonic meter for custody transfer of liquids in the world.
2004 The next quantum leap in level measurement comes with the OPTIWAVE and OPTIFLEX series, a new generation of non-contact and guided radar devices with a unique wizarddriven operating concept.
2006 The first vortex flowmeter with integrated
pressure and temperature compensation.
2008 Launch of complete portfolio with digital analysis sensors for wastewater treatment plants featuring integrated sensor spray cleaning with air or water.
2009 Introduction of the innovative Drop antenna for OPTIWAVE level meter that makes purging systems obsolete. Its ellipsoidal shape is ideal for corrosive liquids or dust-laden atmospheres where product build-up is likely to occur.
2010 KROHNE is the first manufacturer to offer a standardised operating and service concept for both flowmeters and analysis instruments. Introduction of the WATERFLUX - EMF with rectangular cross-section allows installation without straight inlets and outlets.
2011 First inline spectroscopic analysis system with up to four measuring principles.
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  • OPTIMASS 6400 (English)
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  • OPTIMASS Product Family (English)
  • EGM (Entrained Gas Management)
  • Coriolis Measuring Principle
  • Improved Density Stability

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